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Scispot - lifescience operating platform

  • Project management built for bio
  • Inventory automation
  • Collaborative documentation
  • Sample management & tracking
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Scispot offers no-code workflow automation to life science companies. Scispot has become the digital partner of a wide range of life science companies that focus on lab-grown meat, biomanufacturing, biotherapeutics R&D, mass spectrometry research, preclinical studies, and microbiome research.

Digital design


Templatize your resources, R&D workflows and automate repetitive tasks

Live charts


Connect your research & operational data in one spot



Preserve institutional knowledge and comply with regulatory requirements


Track your samples

Track your samples


Plan your experiments

Plan your experiments


Collaborative documentation

Document collaboratively


Inventory automation

Inventory automation


"Biotech needs operational standardization, just like McDonald’s and other fast-food chains.  Scispot is standardizing biotech workflows by templatizing them and automating most of the non-scientific tasks"

- Customer

“At CARE Research, we implemented Scispot to digitize our animal study data securely on the Scispot cloud, with the ultimate goal of gaining 360-degree visibility of company-wide activities.”

- Rajan Bawa, CSO of CARE Research

"Together, Scispot and HelaPlex strive to accelerate the commercial development of life science assets by startup communities in Philadelphia while simultaneously de-risking investment for their respective financiers, i.e. angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity investors.”

- Tia Lyles-Williams, CEO of HelaPlex

"We chose Scispot as our digital arm because our data was scattered and siloed across multiple point solutions. Scispot connects our R&D and operational data and standardizes our processes."

- Hugo Gagnon, CEO of PhenoSwitch Bioscience

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Funded by Y Combinator, YC S21


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