5 Companies that are Advancing Research Using Ex Vivo Models
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5 Companies that are Advancing Research Using Ex Vivo Models

Here are some of the companies that are advancing in research using ex vivo models

Ex vivo models are a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into the functioning of complex biological systems. These models are created using tissues that are kept alive outside of the body under optimized conditions. Ex vivo models provide a great alternative to in vivo models in their ability to offer more precise experimental conditions and the ability to identify a tissue response to particular stimuli.

Here are some of the companies that are advancing research using ex vivo models:


Located in San Diego, CA, AnaBios offers a wide array of assays and other technologies that enable the study of ex vivo human responses to certain drugs and help investigate human physiology's molecular and functional basis. AnaBios's primary focus is in areas of unmet medical need, including cardiac diseases, pain, polycystic kidney disease (PKD), and neurodegeneration. This company uses its proprietary platform to support lead optimization, target, and candidate selection.


Located in Salem, MA, Genoskin provides human skin models for testing pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic products. Genoskin's proprietary technology allows for stable long-term ex vivo cultivation of fresh human skin biopsies. As there is no loss of morphology, physiology, and cutaneous barrier function, these biopsies serve as an excellent replacement for animal testing.

Crown Bioscience

Located in San Diego, CA, Crown Bioscience offers a plethora of ex vivo portfolios and helps clients in quantifying the pharmacological profile of their drug candidate before moving to the clinical phase. They specialize in oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic disease testing and can help accelerate your drug development programs by using their ready-to-run comprehensive drug discovery platforms.

QTest Labs

Located in Columbus, Ohio, QTest Labs specializes in testing the cardiovascular safety, efficacy, and risk assessment of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. QTest explores interactions between a device with different physiological systems, providing a clear and complete understanding of the device's effects and liabilities.


Located in the US, Kiyatec uses its proprietary 3D cell culture technology to create accurate responses to cancer therapies. It uses the patient's living tumor cells to create 3D-based models that are used for drug response profiling.

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