5 Food Technology Companies that are Making the World Better
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5 Food Technology Companies that are Making the World Better

Here are some of the food technology companies that are making the world a better place

Food technology enables efficient and sustainable food production by leveraging advanced technology to transform agriculture. It also focuses on improving the quality of the food and increasing its shelf life. The growing demand for food globally has led to creating better food ecosystems using science and innovation.

Here are some of the companies that are doing just that and making the world a better place:


Located in San Francisco, California, Plenty operates indoor vertical farms. These farms reduce the dependence on changing climates and create the perfect environment for growing plants. These farms are designed to increase the crop yield 350x times than that of relative farming. The company uses its technology to grow crops with any pesticide or GMOs.


Located in Goleta, California, Apeel uses natural materials found in the peels and pulp of produce to create an extra coating that helps seal in moisture and keep oxygen out. Their goal is to double the shelf life of fruits and vegetables without the need for refrigeration while retaining freshness and nutritional value. stays fresh, nutritious and has twice the shelf life without refrigeration.


Located in New York City, this company produces plant-based food products specializing in chicken-alternatives. It partners with other companies like Oumph!, The Fry Family Food Co., LikeMeat and No Meat, to provide consumers with healthy vegan and alternate protein food options.

Califia Farms

Located in Los Angeles, California, Califia Farms produces plant-based dairy products. These products are carrageenan-free, non-GMO, and do not contain any artificial ingredients. Some of the products they offer are almond milk and creamer.

Imperfect Foods

Located in San Francisco, California, Imperfect foods uses its online platform to provide customers with grocery, meat and dairy options and delivers it straight to their house at a discounted rate by sourcing surplus and imperfect produce directly from local farmers and growers.  

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