About Scispot

Our vision is to empower bioentrepreneurs to start and scale bio companies

Imagine going to a bustling coffee shop and seeing a group of bioentrepreneurs running their R&D programs on Scispot.io from their electronic devices. Launching innovative drugs from anywhere you’d like — This is the future we aim to bring about.




Transform ten thousand biotech companies into smart digital bioby 2025



Automate mundane administrative tasks for CXOs, operations leaders, and at the bench scientists of life science companies



Create a connected life science ecosystem to bring new life-saving & enhancing products to market faster than ever before.

Why we founded Scispot?

My desire to create Scispot.io and transform the biotech industry is motivated by my first-hand experience with the inefficiencies of the industry as a former biotech researcher, as well as the untimely death of my mother who I loved and lost way too soon because there was no commercially available drug to treat her. I believe inefficiencies of life science companies can be fixed by workflow automation; I want to make sure no one dies young simply because the drug they need is not available in the market. I’m on a mission to eliminate all major diseases from our planet within the next two decades. With the support of an all-star team and industry leaders, Scispot.io can help us realize this bright future. - Guru Singh, Founder & CEO @ Scispot.io

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Our team

Help us eliminate diseases, enhance human experiences and make this world a better place by joining Scispot.io. Our team includes Silicon Valley techies, scientists, and entrepreneurs. If you want to join the team, get in touch and tell us how you can contribute to our vision.

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