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Digital Operating Platform for life science

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Scispot offers no-code templatization & workflow automation to life science companies.

Digital design


Templatize your resources, R&D workflows and automate repetitive tasks

Live charts


Connect your R&D, operational and partner data



Preserve institutional knowledge and comply with regulatory requirements


Research workspace

Document, manage and track R&D projects collaboratively for each drug candidate or customer.

Resource manager

Procure, manage, and track research materials, instruments, samples, and animals in one spot.


Get your research and resource data automatically organized to create your reports faster.

App connector

Connect with other apps from documentation, cloud storage, calendar to CRMs.


Outsource your research to the best contract research organizations and core labs.


Set up templates for routine research experiments and protocols, and operational tasks.

Activity log

Track personal and collaborative records of data creation, modification, and deletion.

Interactive protocols

Capture notes, assign tasks, set timers, and execute protocols at the bench.


"Biotech needs operational standardization, just like McDonald’s and other fast-food chains.  Scispot is standardizing biotech workflows by templatizing them and automating most of the non-scientific tasks"

- Customer

" has the potential to become the digital arm of biotech startups and help them scale faster. I see great value in the platform as it automates administrative tasks, centralizes data, and preserves institutional knowledge"

- Rajan Bawa, CSO of CARE Research

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