Scispot™ joins forces with IndieBio

Scispot™ joins forces with IndieBio

Some of the most revolutionary biostartups come from IndieBio, we are honored to be their partner and support these amazing companies.

We believe a bio revolution is on the horizon. Looking at IndieBio companies at every batch convinces us that the best days for humanity lie ahead of us. The future is bio-powered. As one of the Mckinsey reports suggests, biology will produce 60% of physical goods around us and bring cures to most known diseases. IndieBio supports some of the most ambitious and inspiring companies around and joining them as a partner was no-brainer for us. We are proud to announce our partnership with Indiebio that will empower their portfolio companies with our no-code digital operating platform and give them a competitive edge over their competitors and counterparts. 

This partnership gives IndieBio companies access to Scispot’s platform along with custom digitization and automation support at special rates. With Scispot™, these companies can collaborate internally and externally with their academic labs and CROs as well as manage their resources and partners all in one spot. 

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