Top 5 Innovative Alt-Dairy Biostartups that are Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry

The alt-dairy industry is expected to triple in revenue over the next ten years. As people are becoming more aware about traditional dairy products' ethical and environmental impact, they are turning towards alt-dairy products. 

Here are 5 alt-dairy startups that are revolutionizing the dairy industry:

Perfect Day

Located in Emeryville, CA, Perfect Day utilizes fermentation of plant-based sugars to create animal-free milk substitutes and proteins. This allows the company to provide environmentally safe dairy alternatives to customers that are nutrient-dense and devoid of any antibiotics and cholesterol.


Located in Montreal, Quebec, BetterMilk is the first Canadian company that makes cow milk utilizing mammary cells. The produced milk is intended to taste exactly like regular milk providing customers with a much more sustainable option to traditional milk.


Located in Ness Ziona, Israel, Remilk uses fermentation to create dairy product substitutes that rival cow's milk in functionality and flavor. It also produces other animal-free dairy products like cheese and butter.

Change Foods

Located in Palo Alto, CA, Change Foods use microorganisms to create animal-free cheese and other dairy products. These products are hormone-free, lactose-free, and provide a quality alternative to traditional dairy without any of the environmental and ethical issues associated with it.

Better Dairy

Located in London, England, Better Dairy utilizes synthetic biology and fermentation to produce animal-free dairy products like milk, cheese, and ice creams. Their first prototypes are identical to traditional dairy and can be consumed as a healthy alternative.

Lab Management Software for Alt-Dairy Companies:

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Top 5 Innovative Alt-Dairy Biostartups that are Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry

Here are some alt-dairy companies that are revolutionizing the dairy industry

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